#SQLSERVERLearning : Changing Short Cut in SQL Server for Query Execution.

All my blogs with #SQLSERVERLearning is intended to cover all stuff identified as difference between Oracle and SQL Server.
Hopefully it might be helpful for Oracle guy also working in SQL Server world.

In SQL Developer for running any SQL Statement we use CTRL-ENTER as keyboard shortcut.
Working a lot in SQL Developer, hence got use to same for query execution.

A lot a time need to run same query to and fro between Oracle and SQL Server.So change a thing in oracle re run same in sql server and vice versa.
So found it annoying to use Two different shortcuts for Query executions. (F5 in SQL Server and CTRL-ENTER in Oracle)

On SQL Server management studio, i personally find it very difficult to use F5 for query executions.
Surely its good shortcut for query execution, only a single key.!
But now using CTRL-ENTER for query execution is in my blood and got use to it.

So need to get a workaround to change short cut key in SQL Server studio.
Tool provide an option to change shortcut keys,

Navigate to
Tools –> Options..–> Keyboard

Use below option.


Now life is easy! 🙂


About Deepak Mahto

Having 10 Years of relevant/exciting/fruitful/challenging/learning in Oracle Technology. Currently working as Oracle Performance Consultant in an MNC. Hold Expertise in Performance Engineering, SQL Tuning, Database Tuning, SQL, PLSQL Development/Design Considerations and Oracle Internals. I enjoy reading on Oracle internals, posting some of my finding or observations and playing football.
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